Monthly report – April 2022

Monthly report – April 2022

Monthly report – April 2022

The fourth month of the 2022 year is characterized as stagnant in the crypto market. FLy project followed the crypto market. FLy team work was aimed at the supporting of the already developed products.

Let’s look deeper into the each step gained through April in detail.


FLy team announced major updates for FLy Copy Trading for BitMEX exchange.

All strategies for the BitMEX exchange for a maintenance. This maintenance is aimed at improving the trading strategies, to give more effective results for trading


Special Bybit campaigns for FLy Copy Trading users was ended.

The winners were announced through the FLy Medium account. Here.


According to the March income 2 706 060 FLy tokens were burnt. TXID.


The special campaign for FLy Reddit newcomers was ended.


The first crypto overview was published.

FLy analysts prepared the short overview of crypto market for the 7 days. The report is here.


The special campaign for FLy Staking users was ended.

There were 3 types of participants in this campaign:
1. Participants who started new staking for a 1-month period;
2. Participants who started new staking for 3- and 6-month periods;
3. Participants who staked before the campaign starts (3 and 6 months periods).
There were 60 winners totally. Winners could get up to 10 000 FLy tokens.


The crypto overview for the fourth week of April was published.

FLy analysts prepared the short overview of crypto market. The report is here.


The winners for the FLy Staking Special campaign were announced.

The list of winners was published through FLy Medium account here.

The article, that was published in April:

  1. Breaking through the asphalt written by FLy co-founder Vladimir Demin.

The FLy team is also looking forward to the future

FLyDEX modifying
We’re ironing out the platform and creating the last small details for the users’ loyalty program. As we’re developing the proper loyalty program and creating competitive advantages, it takes much time.
New partnerships
We’re always looking for more effective and interesting partnerships for FLyECO to make it better.
Updating the white paper
As the FLy brand grew into a whole ecosystem, the FLy white paper needs to be upgraded too. The most current details will be added and published.
New listings
We’re working on expanding the exchanges, where FLy token is listed.
New contests
All we can say is keep your eyes peeled, just join FLy official channels to stay tuned.

What is FLyECO?

FLyECO includes the FLy Launchpad for IDO projects, FLy Trading Signals for manual and API trading, FLyDEX for traders, and solutions for FLy token holders, such as FLy Staking, FLy Farming.

Learn more about FLyECO

We encourage community members to partake in community discussions to help better shape FLy Tokenomics and help generate more utility ideas. Users may express their ideas to core team members through joining the FLyECO Telegram group:

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