FLy Launchpad
FLy Launchpad

Available for FLy token holders only.
Required FLY holdings: >10000 FLy in ETH/BSC network.

FLy Launchpad helps and advises project teams on how to best attract communities and increase the number of investors for a successful launch of their token. The launchpad provides a full fundraising service, starting from advisory to post-listing, marketing and market-making support.

The FLy team is looking for strong projects with a unique and innovative vision in the crypto space.
The Fly community enjoys an opportunity to invest in high-quality projects with good conditions, which are like pre-seed and seed institutional rounds.


Launchpad Benefits

A large community and relevant expertise for projects. Pre- and post- IDO support with marketing, price management, and advisory.

High-quality projects for investing. The FLy community can back projects which can change the World.

Risk - protection for FLy token holders. In case an IDO token performs badly or a team behaves unfairly, the token holders get back their investments with no losses.