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Franklin (FLy) – is a native token of FLyECO. FLyECO includes FLYLaunchpad for IDO projects, FLyTrading Signals for manual and API trading, FLyDEX for traders and DeFi solutions for FLy token, such as FLyStaking, FLyFarming and FLyNFT.
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FLyECO products are designed and selected for open-minded, active and smart people, who believe in a future where crypto dominates, and no middleman financial transactions.

With no signup process, no middlemen approvals, no middleman execution, DeFi will fundamentally disrupt traditional finance and is likely to become a trillion-dollar sector. Tokenization broadens the scope of property rights and enables new economic models for DAOs, collectable NFTs, and gaming.

Who Are Our FLyers?
long-term opportunists

Our FLyers are aimed at getting not only short-term benefits, but also are looking at long-term success

smart traders

FLyers always aim to find new sources of income and leverage the launchpad, trading signals and DeFi opportunities of FLy ECO

crypto believers

Leveraging the power of the community, FLyers help each other to make smart decisions, vote for right IDO projects and invest together

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Recent Highlights
FLyECO weekly report 11 — 17 October 2021
FLyECO weekly report 11 — 17 October 2021

I. FLyECO news for the week

1. FLy Staking:

  • The total amount of newcomers increased up to 19 users.
  • The total amount of staked tokens increased up to 383 686 Fly tokens

To join to staking: 

2. FLy Launchpad

New dates for upcoming IDOs are set:

  • Colexion IDO on the October 23rd;
  • Ex-Sports IDO on the October 26th;
  • GoldFinX IDO on the October 28th.

3. FLy Signals

The profit was calculated for each group of signals:

The total profit for all pairs is for 13,69%.

4. FLy liquidity mining

Participating pool for FLy liquidity mining in BSC network closes in 1 day.

5. FLy Bridge

  • The total amount of ETH to BSC transactions is 61;
  • The total amount of BSC to ETH transactions is 31.

FLy token

FLy token holders amount:

  • ETH – 5 868;
  • BSC – 6 196.

II. FLyECO plans for the future (general steps): 

FLyECO services, which coming soon

  • FLyDEX
  • FLyNFT Game
  • FLyNFT Marketplace
  • FLy Copy Trading
  • FLyECO mobile app
  • FLy Dark Pool

Next development steps:

  1. Adding a new trading pair (BNB/USDT) for FLySignals service;
  2. Creating a Discord channel;
  3. Creating new staking pools on listed exchanges;
  4. Adding new staking periods for FLy staking;
  5. Implementiong new staking APY for FLy staking;
  6. Creating new farming pool for Uniswap v.3 (ETH network);
  7. Holding an AMA session for Chinese community;
  8. Searching for new IDO projects;
  9. Entering to top-10 exchanges;
  10. Adding new strategies for Bybit, BitMEX, Bittrex exchanges.

October 20, 2021
Trading statistics 12/08 – 18/10
Trading statistics 12/08 – 18/10

Remember, in FREE channel we automatically publish the results of every closed position. FLy Signals channel’s subscribers also get the valuable content and market research by VRM Research

October 19, 2021
FLyECO weekly report 27 September — 03 October 2021
FLyECO weekly report 27 September — 03 October 2021

I. FLyECO, BO and VRM news for the week

Community news

• Gained 254 newcomers on the Global Community chat;

• Turkish community chat gained more than 37 newcomers;

• Philippine community chat gained more than 19 newcomers;

• Vietnamese community chat gained more than 20 newcomers;

• Chinese community chat gained more than 88 newcomers;

• Spanish community chat gained more than 20 newcomers;

• The total amount of participants for the first part of Ex-Sports IDO is 144 participants.

October 06, 2021